Big Pile of Bones Playlist, April 17, 2017

april 17, 2017
edition #710
guided by voices / packing the dead
moon duo / cult of moloch
go fever / folk zero
the gods themselves / so hot
major lance / monkey time
devo / gut feeling
the orwells / hippie soldier
elbow / firebrand and angel
pissed jeans / have you ever been furniture
fugazi / i’m so tired
the clash / one more time
king gizzard and the lizard wizard / sleep drifter
the residents / loser=weed
david peel & the lower east side / i like marijuana
monty python / bloody catholics
mayflower madae / confusion hill
sleater-kinney / the last song
the buttertones / grave diggin’
wire / diamond cups
dmx/bizaar royale, big stan, kashmir / gettin’ down
the brian jonestown massacre / government beard
officer may / the big bang
earlyrise / shame
vibrators / she’s bringing you down
pow! / cyber attack #3
real estate / stained glass
the jesus and mary chain / all things pass
the molochs / the one i love
all them witches / am i going up?
bob dylan / down along the cove
the sonics / shot down
the xx / i dare you
flowers de moon / scifi pulp ’72
diet cig / sixteen
the moonlandingz / this cities undone
pontiak / herb is my next door neighbor
the gift / love without violins
lee hazelwood / we all make the flowers grow
hooton tennis club / lauren, i’m in love!
red baraat / horizon line
juana molina / in the lassa
yasmine hamdan / iza
chuck berry / back in the usa
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist, April 10, 2017

april 10, 2017
edition #709
wire / sonic lens
albert collins / if you love me like you say
japandroids / no known drink or drug
the fleshtones / lost on xanadu
alejandro escovedo / shave the cat
lucinda williams / side of the road
roy orbison / fastest guitar alive
moon duo / cross town fade
the gods themselves / be my animal
h&‌uuml;sker d&‌uuml; / mtc
kaos / alcoholiday
charlie rich / lonely weekends
the brian jonestown massacre / lunar surf graveyard
chuck berry / jo jo gunne
whole sky monitor / idiot god
x / adult books
the moonlandingz / lufthansa man
the jesus and mary chain / war on peace
all them witches / 3.5.7
tyvek / underwater 3
real estate / darling
king gizzard and the lizard wizard / open water
the xx / say something loving
adult. / breathe on
pontiak / youth and age
mc5 / over and over
black flag / beat my head against the wall
sea offs / unfound
the molochs / trouble with you
the epics / blue turns to grey
guided by voices / it’s food
wax idols / schadenfruede
pissed jeans / won’t tell you my sign
pow! / dns
rocket from the tombs / good times never roll
ty segall / freedom
happy mondays / wrote for luck
billy lee riley / red hot
lungfish / to whom you were born
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark / genetic engineering
muddy waters / my eyes keep me in trouble
new order / krafty
feral conservatives / pacific child
the stooges / 1969
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist, April 3, 2017

april 3, 2017
edition #708
moon duo / the death set
archie bronson outfit / bloodheat
guided by voices / goodbye note
pontiak / hidden prettiness
ska cubano / big bamboo
real estate / after the moon
adult. / as you dream
earlyrise / all you know
chuck berry / promised land
red barat / zindabad
experimental dental school / don’t cry your eyes out
shriekback / every force evolves a form
yuck / bled white
sea offs / strawberry
the brian jonestown massacre / oh brother
the molochs / cryin’
the velvet underground / the black angel’s death song
blur / magic america
pissed jeans / the bar is low
the xx / performance
the yardbirds / for your love
mr. elevator and the brain hotel / sunshine daydream
pow! / the razor
la femme / myst
tyvek / mirror image of
old time relijun / witchcraft rebellion
all them witches / cowboy kirk
talking heads / life during wartime
king gizzard and the lizard wizard / flying microtonal banana
belle & sebastian / dirty dream #2
flipper / flipper twist
50 foot wave / ratted out
the flaming lips / oczy mlody
pink floyd / sheep
jay-z / a dream
captain beefheart / the buggy boogie woogie
the moonlandingz / the strangle of anna
ty segall / take care (to comb your hair)
yoko ono / run run run
the soft machine / why are we sleeping
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist, March 27, 2017

march 27, 2017
edition #707
kraftwerk / numbers
pat hare / i’m gonna murder my baby
howlin’ wolf / can’t stay here
the moonlandingz / the rabies are back
gone gone beyond / under siege
pj harvey / angelene
all them witches / bulls
pontiak / tomorrow is forgetting
why? / proactive evolution
hüsker dü / what do i want
chuck berry / little queenie
mr. elevator and the brain hotel / are you hypnotized
willis jackson / troubled time
pissed jeans / ignorecam
chandler travis philharmonic / eje ka jo
sleaford mods / i feel so wrong
guided by voices / sentimental wars
13th floor elevators / nobody to love
king gizzard and the lizard wizard / rattlesnake
the misfits / monkey’s paw
la femme / le vide est ton nouveau prénom
elbow / trust the sun
king woman / manna
the brian jonestown massacre / assignment song
radio birdman / locked up
the molochs / you never learn
meat puppets / dry rain
julian curwin / upon a time
father john misty / pure comedy
the rolling stones / sing this all together
la peste / hold on to love
alice in chains / again
revolting cocks / fire engine
small feet / dagmar
dressy bessy / honeybee
marvin gaye / i want you
the xx / replica
sea offs / joshua
pow! / runner
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Big Pile of Bones Playlist, March 20, 2017

march 20, 2017
edition #706
chuck berry / school days
chuck berry / nadine
chuck berry / no particular place to go
chuck berry / reelin’ and rockin’
chuck berry / it’s my own business
chuck berry / beautiful delilah
chuck berry / blues for hawaiians
chuck berry / bye by johnny
king woman / deny
pow! / necessary call
dinosaur jr. / they always come
sea offs / a leap too tall
jesca hoop / cut connection
sleater-kinney / no cities to love
the molochs / little stars
peter gabriel / suzanne
the peep tempel / neuroplasticity
pissed jeans / love without emotion
dead kennedys / drug me
the gun club / sex beat
the raveonettes / the beat dies
dressy bessy / make mine violet
king gizzard and the lizard wizard / nuclear fusion
earlyrise / faceless colors
the xx / brave for you
the brian jonestown massacre / don’t get lost
thompson twins / panic station
mr. elevator and the brain hotel / fuzz phantom
the kinks / johnny thunder
adult. / we chase the sound
frontier ruckus / eyelashes
motorhead / no class
wire / part of our history
shonen knife / all you can eat
ty segall / thank you mr. k
ramones / carbona not glue
why? / this ole king
kristin hersh / some dumb runaway
the lovely days / you
eleanor friedberger / does turquoise work
thee fine lines / blow it away
richard thompson / guitar heroes
specials / ghost town
jethro tull / crosseyed mary
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