Blitzkrieg Playlist For 3/17/2017

Fastway – All Fired Up
Grim Reaper – See You In Hell
Banshee – Shoot Down The Night
Omen – Die By The Blade
Before There Was Rosalyn – The Warrior
Grave Digger – Lawbreaker
AC/DC – Shake Your Foundations
Deadringer – Come Out Fighting
Lion – The Transformers (Theme)
Quartz – Fear No Evil
Napalm Death – Cause & Effect
Armored Saint – Spineless
Motley Crue – Five Years Dead
Twisted Sister – Lookin’ Out For #1
Anthem – Blind City
The Resurrection Sorrow – Soul Of The Soulless
Pretty Maids – Loud N Proud
David T. Chastain – It Doesn’t Have To Be
Suicidal Tendencies – Two Wrongs
Purgatory – Fear Of The Night
Graves Of Valor – Sic Semper Tyrannis
Eden – Sealed With A Kiss
Rage – Long Way From Home
Metallica – Hardwired
Soilwork – The Crest Fallen
Krokus – Lady Double Dealer
Judas Priest – Deal With The Devil
Heavy Bones – The Light Of Day
Hazzard – Kicked To The Ground
Lordi – Hard Rock Halleujah
Lordi – Good To Be Bad

Blitzkrieg Playlist For 3/10/2017

Deep Purple – Time For Bedlam
Half The World – Fragile
Alice Cooper – Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me
Imperious Rex – Red Diamonds
Dark Tranquility – The Wonders At Your Feet
Skid Row – Riot Act
Anthem – Empty Eyes
Kingdom Come – Overrated
Lizzy Borden – Save Me (Live)
Ratt – Walkin’ The Dog
Meshuggah – The Paradoxical Spiral
Grave Digger – When Night Falls
Paradise Lost – Widow
Quiet Riot – Put Up Or Shut Up
Virgin Steele – I’m On Fire
Thunder Force IV – Lightning Strikes Again
Laaz Rockit – Forced To Fight
Coroner – Hate, Fire, Blood
Loudness – S.D.I.
Monkey Business – Wake Up And Rock
Noize Toys – Restless Love
Emmure – Demons With Ryu
Queensryche – Before The Storm
220 Volt – Airborne Fighter
Trouble – Tuesday’s Child
Rough Cutt – Take Her
Ugly Kid Joe – I’m Alright
Warlock – Sign Of Satan
Avenger – Death Race 2000
Crimson Glory – Cydonia

Blitzkrieg Playlist For 3/3/2017

Warlock – All We Are
45 Grave – Party Time (Zombie Version)
Accept – Fast As A Shark
Yngwie J Malmsteem – Rising Force
Pantera – Metal Magic
Behemoth – Before Aeons Came
Grave Digger – Ten Commandments Of Metal
N.R.G. – Instruments Of Destruction
Alice Cooper – Freedom
Zodiac Mindwarp – Prime Mover
Children Of Bodom – Mask Of Sanity
Armored Saint – Reign Of Fire
Shok Paris – Exhibit A
Blitzkrieg – First Strike
Lion – Powerlove
Terrorizer – Dead Shall Rise ’06
Leather – Shock Waves
Leslie West – Dyin’ Since The Day I Was Born
Helstar – The King Is Dead
Hatebreed – Idolized And Vilified
Eden – Judgement Day
Heaven – Where Angels Fear To Tread
Obsession – Losing My Mind
Omen – Destiny
Phantom Blue – Going Mad
Britny Fox – Six Guns Loaded (Live)
Heavy Bones – 4 A.M. TM
Black Sabbath – Evil Woman
Motorhead – Stand
Motorhead – No Voices In The Sky

Blitzkrieg Playlist For 2/24/2017

Deep Purple – Time For Bedlam
Kiss – Rock N Roll Hell
Judas Priest – Rapid Fire
Anthrax – Soldiers Of Metal
Hypocrisy – Craving For Another Killing
Alice Cooper – Go To Hell
Spectre General – Hunger
Motorhead – Locomotive
Accept – Get Ready
Grave Digger – Call For War
Soilent Green – Forgive & Regret
Flotsam And Jetsam – Desecrator
Girlschool – Action
Trash Broadway – Headchopper’s Ball
Sacred Steel – Kill The Deceiver
Stephen Pearcy – Ten Miles Wide
Orange Goblin – Red Tide Rising
Orange Goblin – Stand For Something
Laaz Rockit – Stand Alone
Razor – Cross Me Fool
Pierce – Run Silent, Run Deep
Slayer – Blood Red
Masi – Eye Of The Hurricane
Celtic Frost – Seduce Me Tonight
Shadows Fall – Act Of Contrition
Grim Reaper – Liar
Alice Cooper – It’s Hot Tonight
Nazareth – Witchdoctor Woman
Angel Witch – Confused
Graham Bonnet Band – Into The Night

Blitzkrieg Playlist For 2/17/2017

Black Sabbath – Never Say Die
Black Sabbath – Rat Salad
Motley Crue – Live Wire
Twisted Sister – I Will Win
Motorhead – Them Not Me
Cannibal Corpse – Make Them Suffer
Deep Purple – Time For Bedlam
Raven – Pick Your Window
Pentagram – Bloodlust
Fastway – Tear Down The Walls
Stephen Pearcy – Want Too Much
Burnt By The Sun – There Will Be Blood
Armored Saint – Conqueror
Savatage – On The Run
Alice Cooper – Identity Crises
Iron Maiden – Still Life
Metallica – Dream No More
Paradise Lost – Joys Of The Emptiness
Kick Axe – Alive & Kickin’
TKO – End Of The Line
D.R.I. – Hardball
Slave Raider – Keep On Pushin’
Helix – Give ‘Em Hell
Chris Bolint – Summon
Hatebreed – Put It To The Torch
Grim Reaper – See You In Hell
Exciter – Stand Up And Fight
Betsy – You’ll Never Get Out (Of This Love Alive)
Avenger – Face To The Ground
Vicious Rumors – Ends Of The Earth
Black Label Society – Parade Of The Dead