Traveling playlist 5/2/2017

Todd Tamanend Clark – Origin

George Brigman – DMT

Michael Yonkers Band – Kill the Enemy


Dark Star – Spectre “Darkscortch Canticles”

Wrath – Warlord “Darkscortch Canticles”

Gorgon Medusa – Sweet Child “Darkscortch Canticles”

Stone Axe – Slave to Fear “Darkscortch Canticles”


Medusa – Strangulation

No Means No – Body Bag

White Zombie – Kick

Red Bliss – Get You (pt.1)

Comets on Fire – Return to Heaven

ST 37 – Orgone Accumulator

Monoshock – Astral Plane (Take Me Away)

Debris – Leisurely Waiting


Venom P Stinger – Jaws

Fungus Brains – Day of Heat

Rocket From the Tombs – Life Stinks

Pere Ubu – Real World


Solaris – Hour of the Wolf

Laddio Bolocko – Beatrice the Coyote

Psychic Paramount – Echo Air

Moon Duo – Cult of Moloch

Jeff Cowell – Go Sweetly

Circuit Rider – Just For Today


D.R. Hooker – Forge Your Own Chain

Allan Wachs – Mountain Roads “Cosmic American Music”

Kenny Knight – Baby’s Back “Cosmic American Music”

F.J. McMahon – The Spirit of the Golden Juice “Cosmic American Music”


Jonah Thompson – Get Involved “Apocryphal Hymns”

Religious Souls – Sinner Man “Apocryphal Hymns”

Otis G. Johnson – Your Day


Talk-over music: Waste of Time “Muziek Uit Zwischenfall 1”