Music for Sunday 03/19/2017

Frank Kohl                                                Invisible Man                      Invisible Man

David Friesen                                           Caravan                                Bactrian

Andrea Superstein                                   I Love Paris                         What Goes On

Corey Weeds                                             Candy Man                          It’s Easy to Remember

John Moulder                                           Ruby’s Way                         Earthborn Tales of Soul & Spirit

Jan Daly                                                     God Bless The Child         When Sunny Gets Blue

Allan Harris                                              I Remember You               Nobody’s Gonna Love You Better

Clare Fisher                                              Rockin’ & Rhythm             Intenso

Joshua Breakstone                                 Eighty-eight                        Eighty-eight

Dionne Warwick                                     A House is Not a Home    A House is Not a Home

Alex Levine                                              August                                  Towards the Center

Tim Warfield                                           Inspire Me                           Inspire Me!!

Etta Jones                                                At Last                                  At Last

Diana Krall                                             The Look of Love                The Look of Love

Barbara Paris                                         I Wanna Be Loved              Nine Decades of Jazz

Cyrus Chestnut                                     I Cover the Waterfront        Natural Essence

Tom Collier                                           Five Brothers                         Alone in the Studio

Armsted Christian                               You Give Me Love                 The Wave is Coming

Shana Tucker                                        Amazing Grace                      Shine

David Friesen                                        Rainbow Song                       Triple Exposure

Dan Costa                                               Bossa Nova                            Bossa Nova

Dan Pratt                                                Speak Low                              Hymn for the Happy Man

Abbey Lincoln                                        Living Room                          Love Having You Around

Stu Harrison                                          Blame It on My Youth          Volume I

Jessica Williams                                    Misty                                        The Real Deal

Lena Horne                                            Stormy Weather                     Seasons of a Life

Gene Ess                                                 Jade Stones                              Absurdist Theater