Music for Sunday 03/12/2017

Myles Wright                                               Sketchbook                           The Manhattan EP

Rebecca Dumaine                                       This Happy Madness          Happy Madness

Charlie Sepulveda                                       Peer Magic                            Mr. EP

John Beasley                                                Skippy                                    MONK’estra

John Stein                                                    Angel Eyes                             Color Tones

Steve Slagle                                                 Viva La Famalia                    Alto Manhattan

Michel Camilo                                            Black Orpheus                       Spain Forever

Maya Rae                                                    Beautiful                                 Sapphire Birds

Wallace Roney                                           Air Dancing                           A Place in Time

Carol Morgan                                            Song for Mom                       Post Cool, Vol I

Mike LeDonne                                          Sweet Papa Lou                    That Feelin’

Beata Pater                                                Fire Dance                             Fire Dance

Jeremy Pelt                                               Make Noise!!                        Make Noise!!

Ben Markley                                             Fiesta Espanol                     Clockwise:  The Music of Cedar Walton

Ray Lyon                                                   Solar                                      Trinity One

Gerry Gibbs                                              Punk Jazz                             Weather Or Not

Hiro Suda                                                 Nagi                                       Nagi

Swiss Youth Jazz                                    No Way Boss                         Heaven Help Us All

Kurt Rosenwinkel                                  Ezra                                         Calpi

Greg Abate                                              Mr. Parker                              Road to Forever

Black Masala                                         Cool Breeze                             I Love You Madly

Tamuz Nissim                                       On a Clear Day                       Liquid Melodies

Chaise Lounge                                       A Cold, Cold Day in N.O.     The Lock and the Key

Carmen Lundy                                      I Got Your Number                Code Noir

Mads Tolling                                         Georgia on my Mind              Playing the 60’s

Heads of State                                       Four in One                             Four in One

Steve Khan                                            Our Town                                 Backlog

Miles Davis                                           Solea                                          Sketches of Spain