Blitzkrieg Playlist For 1/13/2017

Metallica – Blitzkrieg
Metallica – Atlas, Rise!
Riot – Unleash The Fire
Banshee – We Want You
Twisted Sister – Kill Or Be Killed
Saxon – Backs To The Wall
Nile – The Howling Of The Jinn
Metal Church – Ton Of Bricks
Saint Vitus – Thirsty And Miserable
Motley Crue – I Will Survive
Alice Cooper – Give The Radio Back
Accept – I’m A Rebel
Motorhead – Smiling Like A Killer
Glenn Hughes – My Town
Battlezone – Welcome To The Battlezone
Graham Bonnet Band – Into The Night
Anvil – Strength Of Steel
Terrorizer – Doomed Forever
Fastway – Get Tough
Dio – Stand Up And Shout
King Kobra – Hunger
Laaz Rockit – I’m Electric
M/A/R/S – Stand Up And Fight
D.R.I. – Down To The Wire
Primal Fear – Fight The Fire
Yngwie J Malmsteem’s Rising Force – Revolution