Blitzkrieg Playlist For 11/25/2016

Mystic Prophecy – Master Of Sins
Sidewinder – Feed The Fire
Accept – Teach Us To Survive
Killer Dwarfs – Do Or Die
Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – Come Hell Or High Water
Demolition Hammer – Mercenary Aggression
Keel – It’s A Jungle Out There
Agent Steel – Evil Eye/Evil Minds
Savatage – Midas Knight
Medieval Steel – Battle Beyond The Stars
Glenn Hughes – Flow
Sin City – Piece Of The Action
Vicious Rumors – R.L.H.
Arch Enemy – Leader Of The Rats
Graham Bonnet Band – Welcome To My Home
Loudness – Dark Desire
Anthem – Empty Eyes
Steeler – Danger Comeback
Twisted Sister – Run For Your Life
Fragments Of Unbecoming – Weave Their Barren Path
Savage Grace – Age Of Innocence
Salty Dog – Heave Hard
Pretty Maids – Sickening
Riot – Flight Of The Warrior
Quiet Riot – Party All Night
Raven – Break The Chain
Schizoid (Radio Spot)
Myth – Let Me Hear The Thunder