Blitzkrieg Playlist For 11/11/2016

Wendy O. Williams – Priestess
Alcatrazz – General Hospital
Harlots Webb – Black Is The Night
Armored Saint – Mutiny On The World
Napalm Death – Greed Killing
Budgie – Anne Neggen
Pretty Maids – Kingmaker
Deadringer – Come Out Fighting
Pantera – Come-On Eyes
Constricted – Wake Me
Glenn Hughes – Heavy
Lords Of The Crimson Alliance – Swords Of Zeus
Megadeth – Lucretia
Sacred Child – Chariots Of Fire
Obituary – Gates To Hell
220 Volt – Electric Messengers
Chrome Molly – Living A Lie
Storms Approach – A Scandal In Bohemia
Sea Hags – Half The Way Valley
Sound Barrier – What Price For Glory
Dismember – The God That Never Was
TNT – Tell No Tales
Y & T – Masters And Slaves
Ugly Kid Joe – Devil’s Paradise
Ugly Kid Joe – I’m Alright
Beyond The Sixth Seal – Nothing To Prove
Yngwie J. Malmsteem’s Rising Force – I’ll See The Light Tonight
Masi – State Of Rock
Lordi – Hard Rock Halleujah
Iron Maiden – Wrathchild (Live)
Judas Priest – Painkiller